Stretch Marks: Three Options For Reducing Stretch Mark Visibility, Dr. Craig Vander Kolk, Baltimore

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Learn more @ Mercy Medical Center’s Dr. Craig Vander Kolk, Director of Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery at Mercy Medical Center, discusses options for treating stretch marks. Three things women can do to reduce stretch marks include: laser treatments, microdermabrasion and a tummy tuck.


Kimmie 88 says:

Those laser treatment looks extremely Painful >< I would personally use a more natural way such as applying Vitamin E oil. Here explain how vitamin E oil works –> I consistently put vitamin E oil on the stretch marks daily for 3 weeks and finally they are fading slowly! It's a slower way to treat stretch mark but at least it's the safest and it’s natural!

Sagalina Macon says:

I better have my stretch marks rather than hurting myself who is with me on this click like icon

Cecille Manaloto says:

How can remove

Klar says:

Dont worry, I have them too and after some months they Will fade out and turn White. I just got them during qurantine on my legs. I will Edit this after they turn White.

Beatrice F says:

Suddenly showing off a very attractive belly, long after having stretchmarks for so many years, can be quite a incredibly fulfilling experience. Though coconut oil can easily perform wonders, there are additional ingredients that work like magic, googl Jenessa Venspurke to get something that takes less than 21 days to work.

Gopal Roy says:

I just have an inch of a white stretch mark on my pec

`-. byubyun .-' says:

i suddenly love my stretch marks

Mpumi Maake says:

I dont think i would do this. Better off with aloe vera

Sana Nazier says:

After watching this I feel like stretch marks are better

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