Stereotypes: Super Bowl Party

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Your Super Bowl party WILL be like this.
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Eren Dağlı says:

Rage monster forever…

Riphex says:

How can they afford all the rage monsters in these XD

Riphex says:

How can they afford all the rage monsters in these XD

Pl mhfy says:

I'm totally the where's my cup guy

Bryan Valdez says:

were was the Raiders game

Christina Kante says:

The rage is my thing because I am always angry

Jonas Parker says:

I love the rage monster

samuel Korus says:

B.T.W the detroit lions have never made it to the super bowl

finn balor says:

Who are they voting for

Steven Stamkos says:

you should make a hockey stereotype video

Jose Cazarez says:

3:14 The RAGE MONSTER!!!!!!!

taryn doyle says:

The rage monster part looked like a WWE championship match contract signing

shannon purvis says:

Why is ty always rage monster

LucienDabz 03 says:

i am the biggest superstitious fan. during the seahawks vs packers nfs championship 2015, i was drinking a lemon lime seltzer and richard sherman got that pick. i ended up drinking 5 12-packs of lemon lime seltzers…. and the seahawks won in a clutch overtime. superstition FTW

Samyra Wilson says:

haha the pizza guy at the end

FoxyFox //Animations and gaming says:

watch 0:00 to 0:23

Kurt Howard says:

Cody always triggers the rage monster

Daniel Antwan says:

Wow I did not ty can sing

michael say says:

I really really really really really really really really hate that girl

Lori Martinez says:

the old TV??????????????

Lori Martinez says:

I bet the raiders vs the panthers at super bowl li

Andrew Huynh says:

That cake looked good thouh

GhostNinja says:

The rage monster gets me every time XD

Kai Lopez says:

# i am cup loser

Berry the twitter Berrythetwitter says:

Blue perfect xD

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