Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball

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Pickup ballers. Love ’em or hate ’em, we all know ’em.
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Hunter Mason says:

you should have racket ball stereotypes

Martha Kruger says:

base ball

Yousef mohammed alkhorafi says:

Bottle flip stereotype

Giantsfangotswag says:

4:03 why is this dude wearing pants it's a 110 outside

Why are you playing in 110 degree weather

gold fish says:

can I have 4 likes

Your boi Dante says:

I'm a mix of The tall guy who only shoots 3s and misses all game but drains a 3 for the win

Gavin Martin says:

what happened to Tyler's beard???????

Farrel Jevanius Tjandra says:

im curry i always shoot 3pts cause im tall lol

Playing with Nick says:

Soccer stereotypes

Tristan Vlogs & Gaming says:

im Tristan and my friend is cody

Khaled Arafa says:

should do a bowling stereotype

Lancé Arceo says:

Iluv it im the rage monster !!!!!!!!!! ROAR !!!!!

Weird flip kid Explorer says:

Rage monster

Sarah Fleming says:

Tyler is my fav of all of the players

DavidGameTV says:

Foul guy, thats me

Sajid Ali says:

The next one should be ice ski

Yeet Gaming says:

im actually none of these lol but my freind is the my bad guy

Odd Jay says:

im the fouk guy

Taylor Mckean says:

i am 2020

Taylor Mckean says:

i love your videos (^!^)

Tristan Schley says:

my favorite guy is the rage monster

Marco Albarracín says:

and mister crossover?

Optic - Brod says:

I am the misses all but banks in 3 for the win

Manraj gill says:


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