Step by step for an easy bath time with your baby – JOHNSON’S® Baby

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Baby’s first bath can be a bit nerve wracking for both mums and dads. Jess talks through what you’ll need and the steps to an easy bath time with your baby.

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Mellissa Milner says:

What's a nappy,I thought it was a diaper

sharin kaifi says:

thank u so much for this video love…m ready to b pregnant now

Debasmita Banerjee says:

very cute moment of ur life

Lemon Lee says:

i am 28 y.o lady who are going to have my own baby in November 2017. I grow up using Johnsons Baby products and i am healthy. i am not sure why people claim J&J baby will bring cancer. as far as i know and experienced myself,its a good n safe product. i will use it for my bby soon. no doubt

Nedrah Qaseem says:

To everyone in the comment section,
If you really think Johnson baby products are dangerous well then keep that opinion to yourself let her do what she wants she's the mother of course and besides would you like it if someone told you to do this, and to not do that? I don't think so, So just keep your opinions to yourself and how would it still be legal in some countries It would of been banned! So please keep your opinions to your self, it clearly shows your just hating!

Naz Shams says:

wht about rinsing the baby after using top to toe wash???

Megan Menhir says:

The baby is unbelievably cute!

Nate Krieger says:

What specific brand of Diaper/nappy do you use on Jasper?! He's Beautiful!!

aamankhan85 says:

I love for Baby boy ….:-) -:-) :

Prophetess Brandi says:

That was a rinse, not a bath. You better lather that baby.

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