Stages of Walking (Newbie to Pro in 90 Seconds)

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Stages of Crawling:
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When do babies start walking? What sort of baby walking toys do they use? What is the average baby walking age? See how our daughter Paloma progressed in this fun little video.

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هدى المالكي says:

lntroduction to Islam

Vineeth Vair says:

beautuful videos guys

Desi Love PSandhu says:

Midgets can't walk.

Pat says:

what kind of shoes do she have on at the end

mamta gurung says:

Such a cute baby

Cinnamon Elle says:

Who thumbs down a kid walking??? It's such a beautiful journey!

ȼlaššíc Ğũŷ says:

has anyones seen a 7 month old walking

Krishonna Lampkin says:

That's so cute and my baby cousin is 10monts old

Pat says:

where did u get the wheeled walker? name of it maybe.

Jodelle Swogger says:

my parents said I started walking at 6-7 months

Loan Kim says:

So so cute. My baby is 8 months now, she is cruising and learning to stand independently. I cant wait for her to walk

marinabayview says:

To cute! I watched this for 3 times!!

marinabayview says:

To cute! I watched this for 3 times!!

DassahMariee says:

my daughter just turned 9 months and can stand on her own for a bit. Im waiting for her to take off lol

marco verratti says:

i can do all of it so easily

Ms Alneaimi says:

My brother started walking just yesterday and he also started standing he is 1 but he still doesn't know how to stand up by his self

Arifa Changezi says:

my baby is going just same as yours… hes 10.5 months and tries walking distance to distance … hopefully he'll be a pro at 12 months …yohoo

Marybel Valencia says:

what a little cutie! I love her first steps as she keeps whispering "mama".

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