So you're pregnant, now what?! OB/GYN Advice for a safe and healthy pregnancy

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You’ve found out you are pregnant… NOW WHAT!?!? Can you drink coffee, eat sushi, or exercise? In this Week 4 video, The Doctors Bjorkman cover the important things you need to know to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. The do’s and don’ts of pregnancy will cover nutrition, exercise, pregnancy symptoms, weight gain, nausea, foods and medications you need to avoid, and of course… coffee!

**Weekly pregnancy updates on Wednesdays! We will be covering everything from TTC, infertility, prenatal care, labor and delivery, best baby gear, your baby’s week by week development, postpartum concerns, and other pregnancy tips and tricks!

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Week 3 Video –The Two Week Wait:

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Nicole Salomão-Araújo says:

I LOVE your videos! I'm a student midwife and I am learning so much watching your videos. You two are so sweet!

Sugar S says:

Well my question is, if I’m not eating for two why is that I’m always hungry? My appetite has really grown since pregnant

Vee135 says:

omg first time watching your video, and i must say that is the cutest intro video. congrats on baby guys x

Katurotta says:

The first symptom I had was extreme tiredness! It hit me out of nowhere and I actually had to take nap, even though I never nap normally

Samantha Kunz says:

Suffered with pcos and still do, after 3 years my fiancé and I are 11 weeks strong! With no nausea! Sending my blessing to everyone

Melissa G says:

Isn’t it true (based on scientific research) that the “risks” to pregnant women from Listeria and Salmonella are no different than if you were not pregnant? As such avoiding all of these foods while pregnant is not necessary. I find many MDs don’t actually read the research and understand the true risks (or lack there of) behind what they tell pregnant women to avoid…

beverly ponce says:

Based on what was given I calculated 30 lbs of weight gain. Am I doing something wrong??? Lol. It says 26, but I’m getting 30.

Herika Man says:

Hope all mamas are well. ☺️❤️

Just want to share, I had bleeding that progressed to a miscarriage 9 weeks ago, at the 9th week of of my pregnancy. We tried for another one almost immediately, and am now currently 9 weeks pregnant.

brittany wei says:

I am almost 8 week pregnancy . I have not had any symptoms except going to the bathroom a lot and eating a lot. Very blessed. I am 27

Sierra Leedy says:

Pregnant in my first trimester can’t keep it because of my medical issues I’m so upset this wasn’t a planned pregnancy either

CYNE Williams says:

25 weeks 4 days. Ain't showing that much,

Jessica leabo says:

when you have a thyroid disorder, pregnancy fatigue is nothing to us were always tired lol

Lea Nasr says:

What do you guys mean by fruit juice? I'm on week 5

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