Seven Tips for Natural Childbirth – Dr Vijaya Krishnan

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Raman Rani says:

mam mere baby ko gall bledder ki problem hai ,, mai abhi 8 months pregnant hu,,, mai aapse yeh puchna chahti hu k yeh problem baby ko kaise aayi???

Nivedita R says:

Hello mam I have seen a lot of videos where ppl have said they have had a successful VBAC. I badly wanted a normal delivery but unfortunately I could not as my baby was occipital position. How many years gap should one have to try for VBAC? I would love to have a VBAC if I have a second child. Can you please open centre in Banglore?

Mugil says:

I had C section for my first baby because my baby was in breach position and the water also broke.. but I want my second baby through normal delivery. Is it possible

pravesh raghaw says:

Hello ma'am. My baby is in breach position. I m in eighth month right now. Don't want to go for c section. Is there any chance that my baby may come into normal position.

rajchinnu chinnu says:

so nice thank you man…

Bonsita Britto says:

Where is your clinic?

umar ismail says:

mam after 2 c section, is it possible normal delivery?my last c section was 4 years I want to try for normal, is it possible or not?

Prabakaran M says:

Is possible VBAC after first csection Mam…
My baby was not alive now. Last January 2018 my csection happened. Next day my baby was died. Is safe for getting pregnant again after 6 month. Now my age is 29. We don't have baby.please Give me a good suggestion Mam

Shahraj Dilnawaz says:

mam .I 8 and half month pregnt.its my third first delivery was normal and second was cezar….I want it safe…and plz tell me the tips for a successfully vbac. and what should be right scar thickness of uterus.plz plz plz

sunitha S says:

Good Video. Thanks

Priyal vlogs says:

Where is ur centre located .. Pls let me know

Saeeda iTunes says:

Very good advice

Mamta Tewari says:

Thanks mam
Beautiful… Explanation

Varsha Korade says:

My first baby deth after dilvery 7 month. She was heart problems.

Varsha Korade says:

Sry Mam 23month

Varsha Korade says:

Hi Mam. I want vbac delivery. First dilivary distance is 2month. 36week are completeted now. What happens about me

irfaan khan says:

informative video

Clothshop World says:

Hello Mem 9 month 4 day hogaya ho or tub bhi baby breech potion ho to uska had down ho skta hai

Sukeshni Buchade says:

Thank u Ma'am

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