Secret Pregnancy Vlog – Weeks 4 & 5 | Nervous But Hopeful

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G’day Everyone! I wasn’t really able to film much in these first few weeks. It was just really, really hard to stay positive and hopeful with my previous losses weighing over me. No physical symptoms (other than of course a late period and many positive tests).


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This video is not sponsored. The app that I mention does NOT sponsor me. No one (beside my sister and Ken) even knew I was pregnant when I filmed this video.


Molly Shay says:

Congrats sweetie!!!!!

Dude I'm a Potato says:

The baby is going to be just as beautiful as you :)

Vanessa Riddle says:

What caused morning sickness?


The name better be lizzy cause that's my name
Love when people don't tell babies name cause my mind is just like spongebob when he clears his mind "WHATS THE NAME WHATS THE NAME!!!"

Katherine Palmer says:

I heard the great news over on Ken's channel, and I immediately came over onto your's and subscribed. I watched the video where you came out as pregnant, and you are just so inspirational! You're so strong and talented, and just overall amazing! There is no doubt that you'll be the greatest mom to your baby! Congrats Mary!! :)

holly christian says:

when I saw this video I started to cry. I'm so happy!

Lindsey Renne says:

Mary, you shouldn't feel guilty or that miscarrying in your fault in any way. As sad as it is a great deal of women do experience them. I'm so extremely happy for you and you have my best wishes ! Can't wait for the updates on your little miracle ❤❤

Alex “Indecisivegurrl1” Miller says:

I just am so happy for you and Ken. I can't wait to watch what you share with us! I love seeing things like this, and I've been subbed to you for a long time now. I wish you the best pregnancy and healthy baby ever!

Agathefeeling says:

I'm so happy for you Mary ! Congrats for the baby <3

Audrey Delgado says:

I am so happy for you :)

alex uchiha says:

i pray for you and ken love you both so much and congratulations

Payton Johnson says:

September or December?

Sinner Clique says:

I'm so freaking happy for you guys! I can't wait to see your stomach grow and see the baby. :)

Arianna suki Gonzales says:

good! we can all be godmothers of that beautiful baby♡♡♡

Maeve Mcguinness says:

Watching this video made me very emotional, partially because this is clearly a very emotional experience for you. As someone who has been watching you from the very beginning, I'm so proud and excited for you! You're going to be a great mom, I can tell! c:

MechhDawn says:

I'm so excited for you, Mary.
I know how difficult losing a child to miscarriage is. I have lost one myself. I have my rainbow baby now though. She is almost 4. Baby L will be a ray of sunshine. I can't wait to see more of your "backlog" updates!

Amelia Bull says:

Congrats Mary! Im so happy for you! I wish you all the luck in the world!!

emily nelson says:

I am beyond happy for you two! I can't really think of two people that would make better parents than you and Ken. You guys deserve this so much, and your little girl is going to be the luckiest girl in the world to have such great parents!

Alex Kay says:

That's amazing! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations:3

Ginny Hunter says:

You are such an awesome human and you and ken are gonna be the most epic parents!!

Keaturr says:

Me and my husband miscarried with our first, and now a year later we have a beautiful 3 month old girl. (Download Glow. It's amazing) They always say a rainbow comes after a storm :) x

Venus Neptunuy says:

I hope the baby turns out to be born male ( Yes,it can be transgender and find out about that but i myself hope it is born fully male ) because the society today is very strange,so when you get your second child i want the oldest one to be a male to protect the other one. Doesnt matter if the second one is male or female and so on,i'd want the first one to be male just for the protective reasons. Shit happens,and older siblings ( Mostly male,sorry for being sexistic i dont intend to be ) are more likely to be stronger and better for protective reasons. Female or male,it will still be a little miracle to us all.

Amanda Holloway says:

I think you'll be an amazing mom!

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