(SECRET) 2ND PREGNANCY VLOG WKS 4-8 | Rachel Weiland

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AHHHHHHH! God is good! Thanks so much for all of your support and prayers through our TTC journey. We so appreciate it and can’t wait to share this next journey with y’all!

Watch these weeks from Baby #1:
Weeks 5-6 http://bit.ly/2h88R4Z
Week 7-10 http://bit.ly/2fr07Dc

Alpha Mom Pregnancy Calendar http://bit.ly/2ycsDk1
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Daniela de lugo says:

So crazy with my second pregnancy I felt “sick” also like my stomach would get upset not nauseas just weird like ill so weird

Aileen P says:

The day before you posted this, I just found I'm pregnant too! just 4 weeks behind you :)

amechelb says:

My lo is just a couple months younger than Gracie and we just stopped bfing a month ago. We will see if we were in the same boat as you in the next few months as we start trying again. We decided to take a break for a few months.

Beth Rogan says:

Congratulations to you both. Gracie will be a super fantastic big sister. You are all truly blessed. God bless you all xxx

Gina Larkin says:

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I'm also TTC my second so I can relate… The monthly waiting torture is real lol

Nicole Phillips says:

GOD is good! So happy for you Rachel!!! Can't wait to know the sex of the baby…. What was Gracie's heartbeat?

Brandeduw says:

I watched your original pregnancy blogs when I was pregnant with my son, who is now 2. I'm now pregnant with my 2nd one and also due in April. Excited to be pregnant with you again and follow along. Congrats! :)

Lindsey Rogers says:

I LOVE your hair this color!!!

Stacey Howard says:

Congrats!! How exciting!

Zoe Millinor says:

Praying for you and your babies!!! For a healthy, strong baby! God is great!

Rena Ash says:

Congratulations Rachel, I'm so excited. I guess I'm a little weird, because I'm 47my youngest is 9, oldest 18, so no more babies for me, but I so enjoyed Graces, pregnancy videos, and I'm excited for these. I enjoy Graces updates too. I'm so happy your prayers were answered, God is great.

MamaBearMair says:

So excited for your family!!! Although I'm near the end of my second pregnancy (~36 wks!!) I can't wait to watch your journey this second time around.  It seems to go so much faster than the first!  One question I did have was, how has your skincare & makeup routines changed since you found out about the pregnancy? I've been dying to try the R+F line but waiting until after the baby comes because of how much my skin freaked out mid-pregnancy this time around.  All the best for a happy & healthy (and easy!) pregnancy! <3

Izza Renee Pinpin says:

Congrats to you and the growing family.

One little critique for future: please stop fiddling with the hair.

Stephanie Bonnesen says:

Please get into more daily vlogs! Even if they're "boring day to day"!

Cassandra Doyle says:

Congratulations!! Also please do an updated skin care routine!!

Lady_83 says:

Congrats!How old are you, and how old are your daughter?

Mrs.Lopez9 says:

Thank you for linking to that sweet article. It's exactly what I needed. We've been trying for a while now and finally got pregnant, but found out it was ectopic. I lost that baby and am very scared for the future of our family now. It's hard to feel peace and patience in this season but this article helps put a different spin on things. Congratulations to you!

looking4ourRainbow says:

I’m currently in my 2WW at the moment. It’s been a year since we miscarried our first baby. It took us nine years to get pregnant too…hoping it’s soon

looking4ourRainbow says:

Congratulations :) how exciting:)

Jessica Green says:

I was pregnant with you last time and pregnant again this time! 15 weeks here :)

Britt M says:

Congrats! I am 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I watched your vlogs with Grace when I was a few months behind with my daughter!

NatyLockhart says:

Congratulations!!! So happy for you and your family!

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