“SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Empire Strikes Back

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Yoda is not fond of seagulls. Full-length version of the song first seen here: https://youtu.be/UkiI2vM2lfA
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Kate Capricorn says:

YeAh wHatEvER yoU'rE SorT oF pItcHy

Thomas Blue says:

'your a psycho wiener' if this gets 10 or more likes I will sing this to ppl

Daniel Thompson says:

You should do a Godzilla bad lip reading i think it would be aswome. And possibly halarious

Dino Saur says:

I don't even watch Star Wars but that's one of my favorite songs of all times.

Cale Clark says:

You put a fish in my basket

Ultra Blue Vegeta says:

Is it weird that that the day this came out I watched it and I still watch it now?

TheBaconBuizel says:

I’ll be honest I didn’t like this song for the first time I heard it. My opinion has definitely changed haha

Jon Edwards says:

At 0.75 speed, this has a great groove.

Soumi Mitra says:

This song is catchy as hell!

Feon Jun says:

18K dislikes are from people who are DEAD INSIDE.

Maddix Rojo says:

I heard this in target

Elite Blitz says:


moonhowlerwolf nightstarmeteor says:

It's so cachy

Christopher Michael Fuller says:

let a = a woman's hopes and drams of kinship and support
let b = a horny teenage fourty something's hopes and dreams of having a gd cup of coffee without talk of blueberry migrant workers
let c= net eutrility

Kevin Dockery says:

Let me grap my beater'

amerie kraft says:

This needs to come on Musically XD

Arianna McLeod says:

I'm a psycho weiner! Ima beat my beater! Hey what's that stank? I'm a fish in a basket. Ohhohoho yeah! I forgot I am that!

Liz and Dan Robertson says:

not the seagulls!

Diana Mangum says:

I think this is halarris

Bobby Demosthenis says:

Did you know, that there are no such things as Seagulls, only Gulls. FACT! so said SS

Emily Yu says:

omg im dying XD

Corey - James Matthews says:

When you put your self to 3:14 and times 2 is funny

Jennie Hand says:

My RiNg ToNe

Craig Skinner says:

my brother plays this song to much… I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!

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