Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Teardown! – Where is the Glass?!

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CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn’t see they added bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys.

Samsung’s’ new Galaxy Z Flip is here, and its survived my durability test for the most part. Now its time to take apart Samsungs latest folding smartphone and see if we can find any of the glass they promised us in the launch video. Samsung said they had invented a new revolutionary ‘physics bending’ ultra thin glass material. But it sure doesnt feel or act like glass form the top. Maybe there is glass inside? The only way to find out is with a Galaxy Z Flip Teardown.

Watch the Z Flip durability test here:
Watch the Galaxy Fold Durability here:

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JerryRigEverything says:

CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the metal frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see that Samsung added more bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys. I'll film them close up in the RAZR phone teardown.

Aj Meipalu says:


Sagar Grover says:

Please bring back the clear skins i want them for galaxy note 9 and galaxy s10 plus

tongrui wei says:

mobilephone terminator

Guillermo Andres says:

Were you annoyed for this one?

droid monkey says:

To be fair, marketing, especially nowadays, is almost always done like that. The difference is, we've already become accustemed to it and instinctively ignore the more extraordinary claims. In this case, the hype for flip phones is what drove many to flat out believe the claims they would have otherwise ignored as marketing dribble.

vasa srinivas says:

Plz give me one any smart phone sir plz

Khoiril Anwar says:

Harhan yabrrapo bang

urmi waghmode says:

Life ke saath bakhchodi mat kr

middmax moli says:

Do you love wasting money?

Pan Marcondes says:

Samsung has left the chat.

werton says:

I would be very happy if you gave me those phones that would break, I do not have a phone.

Power To Gamers says:

Jerry: Destroys the screen
His fingers: now we are foldable

Sagarmani Raut says:

Some parts inside produces sound while shaking s9+ forward and backwards..whether this is in only my phone or in all??

EinkOLED says:

Post Mortem

Dennyz Kebuh says:

u r still not doing the finger flip thing…

MyDude says:

Your rephrasing of Samsung's sales pitch was perfect. I wish marketing was more honest like that but honesty in marketing is hard to come by a lot of the time.

Ralph Garcia says:

atleast they tried

Lloyd Roy Saranza says:

please test xperia 1

Rishi says:

I am pretty sure Every Phone company has done exactly this with the Z Flip ! So they can also design their next folding phone.

Rishi says:

Samsung: W T F are you doing to the phone?

Mohamed Antar says:

I want to Samsong zfilp

Mandar Pund says:

So, the screen scratches, nails leave deep dents on it, and the screen is, if not less, as fragile as the plastic counter part, samsung is just ripping us off! The glass in the screen do not provide us with the same benefits as a regular non bendable glass screen would. In fact, the tear down just proved that it is more fragile than a complete plastic screen is as now it can shatter too! So it scratches, loves dents and now its gonna shatter too! The question is, what the F do we need foldable phones!? And even if we do, what the F is a thin glass gonna change in that useless display other than make it more fragile?! I guess samsung just wanna fool older men and women who have more money than knowledge about phones and why would they have? They have better things to worry about! Still fooling them with the marketing bullshi@ is so not fair!

colby dolan says:

Zach. The phone did amazingly well in the bend test. Well no duh is a folding/bending phone

colby dolan says:

Got an ad for extremely thin and flexible glass lmao

jason p says:

i think anyone silly enough to drop that amount of money on this phone will regret it 3-4 months down the track

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