Raising Dairy Goats : Dairy Goats & Healthy Pregnancies

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Pregnant dairy goats should lead a cushy life with lots of leafy greens, rich hay, and grain supplements. Learn to raise pregnant dairy goats from an organic farmer in this free dairy farming video.

Expert: Daniel Botkin
Bio: Daniel Botkin is an avid organic gardener, micro-farmer and permaculture advocate who recognizes the timeliness of backyard agriculture and permaculture-style food gardens.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso


suziamazon says:

and the doe is just looking ..umm settled hahhahahahahahha

moles2000 says:

I see you don't dehorn. Why not? Just curious. Ours are not either but we might start.

got2havesugar says:

I do want to make one point. You still need to trim their feet. You would never trim them after the 3rd month of being pregnant. If you don't it can cause more strain on the pasterns and legs leading to more trouble. More pain, they are laying down more, thus not eatting hay to keep warm and feeding the kids inside her. Plus a lack of exercise leads to Ketiois & or milk fever.

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