Pregnant with BOTCHED Tummy Tuck

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Mommy make over went terribly wrong then being hospitalized for over 50 days from surgery just to found out a year later I’m pregnant again!
Here I am 14 weeks Pregnant!!


Kayla says:

I'm sorry you had to go through this . Bless your heart! Babies are blessings , no matter what. Congratulations!!!

Elaine Jackson says:

God bless you and your unborn child

Akstylez _ak says:

Wow i am soooo sorry your going through this and i thank god as well that your alive. how far along are you and who/ where did yoh have your procedures?

Belinda Brown-McKay says:

I love you cuz, your story is a inspiration to many including me, I love you

Jeanette Last says:

Prayers^^ Some people would assume it was a result of out of the country.US doctors botch, too. You can post on Real for doctors comments. May God relieve your pain and your Blessing be healthy.

tboogieization says:

U have the right attitude my sista. Continue to stay positive and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. Thanks for sharing and you are in my thoughts. #beautifulspirit

Miss Curvy & Fit says:

You are so strong and beautiful! Wishing you a safe pregnancy and recovery!

Asal Guel says:

So sorry, I wish you an easy and healthy pregnancy and baby.

Qamaria Safaria says:

Who was the Dr. That initially performed your to ?

Queen2u says:

Botched or not that thang still working, got that bun in the oven. You go!

huahgirl TR says:

So sorry this happened to you God bless you for sharing your journey I hope all goes well with the pregnancy and you will be able to have the necessary surgeries to repair the damage afterwards

Niks Harris says:

you are amazing beautiful.. keep pushing

Dawn N says:

I don't think you're crazy for posting this. I think you are courageous!! May God keep you and your baby covered.

jade0092003 says:

praying for you hun

Beauty by Maharanee says:

You are one strong woman. With what you're going through you still manage to keep a smile on your face and a positive spirit. I'll be praying. subscribed so I can follow your journey , xoxo.

Kitty Lam says:

omg you're so strong and positive❤…. I will pray for you darling!

Lipstick Bully says:

I'm here for you I will definitely keep you in my praise so sorry this happened to you

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