Pregnant Maternity Belly Body Paint – Drawing an Eye on Dasha!

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Hey guys!

Meet my friend Dasha and her cat Bridget!

She’s (Dasha, lol) pregnant and we decided to do some belly painting!
In this tutorial I’m telling you what I used to create this bump art and the steps I was following. I’ve always wanted to do some pregnancy art and I’m so excited to show you what we did!
It was fun and such a cool thing for the baby to see this in some years, right?
Some of you might think it’s creepy, but we like it!

By the way – this is also called Maternity Paint and Belly paint and body paint. It has many names, so I wasn’t sure what to put – I hope I used the right name when writing Pregnant Body Paint. I made it so it’s a fun video where I experiment with art, but also so that it can be used as a Pregnant Belly Paint Step by Step Tutorial! Please tell me if you tried it in the comment section!

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And Dasha and I will be reading and answering your comments! So GO GO!

Best Regards,
Nina B and Dasha

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Nina Blangstrup says:

Do you guys want to draw your friends like if they were like Disney characters? Check this video:

Jazzy da dj says:

You're rlly pretty! great job on the artwork!

Guy Mann says:

Lol she burps at 4:20

Elsie Caroline says:

I love it mam

Olivia Sherman says:

So freaking cool!

Whatsapp Statuses says:

Nice work ❤️

Trini Gaming says:

Your so beautiful I'm new to the channel because I also draw and stuff

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