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Join me for a quick video where I walk you through my pregnant belly routine. This is how I prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. As always, thank you for visiting the vlog today and every day, it means a lot! Xx Julia Rae

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AFA AFA says:

Are u doing it from the first trimester?

a niazi says:

I got pregnant and delivered baby 14 months ago but i myself didn't saw my belly so clearly that I saw yours and its so clean
I am so sad my tummy is full of dirty stretched marks i don't know how to get rid of them

Himachali YouTuber KT says:

Amazing recipe for pregnant ladies

Tank says:

Goo goo gaa gaa

J H says:

Huzzah! I drink around 16 cups of water a day and use Dove exfoliating scrub. Looks like I'm doing it right!

Long Nguyen says:

I whunt to touch it

Fenni Sisteriani says:

Wow that's one gigantic belly

Christopher ANDRIANAIVO says:

Thank you for your valuable advice, as always :) on our blog we have also written a detailed article if you want to talk about possible treatments to get rid of stretch marks developed during pregnancy:

I'll upload it by mentioning your video 😉

Take care,

britanyJ says:

Why is her belly soooooo smooth,comment and tell me ;P

Pink Crystal Kitty says:

Hello I'm 18 weeks pregnant and is it safe to scrub every day thanks.

Anna M says:

You're like me because I don't have a belly button so ya

Beat Rice Kelly says:

So Cute ❤️

mayu micayas says:

Did you ended up getting stretch marks after these routine? I badly wanna know. Updates please

Luna. Kashyap says:

How come she is not having linea niagra

MsLadyofshalotte says:

I'd read Vitamin A has been linked to birth defects. Did your doctor say anything about that, with the rose hip oil? I've been using Vitamin E oil, but rose hip would smell much better

Roxana Nechita says:

Hello, i,m 17 weeks pregnant and i wanted to ask u if it's safe to scrub every day. thanks

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