Pregnant Belly Progression | 4 Weeks – Post Partum!

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Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Lens: Sigma 1.4 mm
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Thumbnail Editing: Pic Monkey


FTC Disclaimer: All things in this video are my legit opinions. I was not sponsored for this video.


Abdul Karim says:

Ap ko baby boy hua

Jasmine Heath says:

How did you stAy so fit? I’m 8 weeks and the doctor said I was underweight that I neeeded to gain weight

Emily Cooney says:

The lack of head support you were giving him makes me cringe so bad

Megan Slonksnis says:

God bless you Sarah!:)

VioletNights says:

Such a sweet video! Girl you were all baby! You looked great post pardon and he is adorable

Maria Eugenia Aguayo says:

this is one of the most beautiful video I've ever seen

Pretty Girl7 says:

God bless to your new baby

Nicol Erickson says:

Every time you make a belly progression video I can't help but cry, it's so beautiful. I love how you included Kieran in this one ♡♡♡

Emma Coates says:

You seem like such a sweet person!God bless you!

Rory says:

No stretch marks or loose skin! Wow you’re lucky

Monika Roux says:

How is it call the black "thing" you used to support the belly? I know some pants come with one but I also saw you wearing one with another pants and shorts that didn't come with it. I just wonder how can I look for it, thanks!

Silent Echo says:

The woman's body and our ability to create and hold life is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to start a family of my own with my husband, it's really such a gift and blessing. Thank you for including us in your beautiful little family <3 Bless you guys.

Aweng mcheal says:

Compared to other bumps ive seen yours didn't look like it got that big.

Amy Garman says:

This video is so beautiful. What a gorgeous baby and Mama. Congratulations!! The Lord has blessed you greatly!! <3

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