Pregnant Belly Painting for our Son (Oct. 14th 2016, 31 weeks 4 days) 授かりアート ベリーペイント (息子)

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My son was born at 36 Weeks 5 Days, on Nov. 20th 2016 :)

Belly Bump Shots and Sonogram

Sazukari Art Belly Painting by Maeda Kazumi
授かりアート ベリーペイント 前田かずみ

Photo Studio Leaf

Belly Painting for our Daughter (30 weeks 5 days) 授かりアート 娘の時

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gong yasmin says:

October 14 is my birthday!!!!

Rina says:


iGwennie says:

Oh that is super adorable!
Hope you have a healthy, happy, and a good baby! :)

mysteryelle13 says:

So cute!!!~

ルカ・ says:

Pregnant belly paintings are such a lovely idea! I've never heard of it in Germany. It's really cute! ☺

Alarice Small says:


zamalia cruz says:


XyKP1fan says:

So pretty! So beautiful and lovely. Thank you for sharing <3

100karai says:

Why do women paint bellies during pregnent?

Alexandra Berryman says:

it looks so beautiful!

Jockey Girl says:

OMG congratz~!!!!!!!! Now you have a boy and a girl! I still remember when you did the same for your daughter <3

Kim Yerin says:

Congratulations ❤

Tardisntimbits says:

Your little girl appreciates the classics if she likes Anpanman! I can't wait til we get to welcome your new little boy to the world! Happiest of holidays to you and your lovely family, Ochikeron! <3

Fatima Barrios says:

this is so cute Ochi-san!!!
my best wished for your family

osakaben10 says:

that is such a cute thing to do. I wish we did that here… I think America has a lot more babies.. what a good business idea

SI4NA says:

It must tickle as hell haha

Lynnette Gallegos says:

sooo cute!! I'm happy you did it. you would have always wondered if you didn't. now, this was the same place I assume, the design looks the same as last one. ❤ how cute your daughter got to be there and the ladies can see how big she grew. I love taking my son, now 4 to visit the midwives who delivered him.

Nanaka says:

I love this idea! It turned out so beautiful. Congratulations!

Clarissa Belina says:

raise your hand if you're left handed

Itta Iwan Darma says:

So cute….

Christopher Shumate says:

Congratulations! Your little one was born one day ahead of mine. Hope your family is doing well.

Blue Wren says:

ive never heard of this in my country, im in ireland but i love the idea, i guess baby showers would be more well known. your bump was so little lol but im glad to see your son was strong and healthy ^_^ thank you for sharing x

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