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In todays video I painted my sisters pregnant baby bump. With Easter this Sunday, we decided to make it an Easter baby belly.
Watch till the end to see how it turned out.

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Jescione Alves Batista says:

Que loca está la gente!!!
Es malísimo el tatuaje en la panza de una mujer esperando un bebé ,por la tinta que se larga dentro de la piel.
Es muy malo!!!
Es muy perjudicial!!!
Yo no me lo haría ni si estuviera más loca?!!

B Bowman says:

What kind of paint did you use for her belly

PokéMomma & PokéSister says:

I still can’t believe she is about to have a baby lol. I still remember you guys running around church and putting Maddie’s Halloween costume on lol. I subbed you, feel free to check out mine and Maddie’s channel too lol Much love!! -Mandie

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