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Hey guys! This video is of me talking about my experience with being 14 & prego, my past relationship, my pregnancy, & how it all unfolded..

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Brie Sumner says:

You and your daughter are both beautiful❤

Jersey Baby says:

Intro song??

Sirnathecentaur aj says:

How old r u now

G0D1Y L3L says:

Bruh I'm 14 and I can't even talk to the opposite sex.

Kornelia Zielińska says:

So u 16 now? U look like u 20

toby sims says:

your eyebrows on fleak girl

Aunnika Smith says:

I am sorry for all of the hate you are getting for this. I love that you kept her. You are extremely brave. And about your makeup. It looks fine! Like the haters could do any better!

CPZ GRT says:

She looks like Jennifer Lopez

Lchantilly says:

Is your daughter still seeing her dad sometimes? And why did you decided to keep her? (I totally understand but you didn't explain why abortion was not an option for you ❤)

Isabel Bedolla says:

Bruhh I’m not even allowed to look at a guy. Btw I like ur makeup

Maritza Com says:

How old are you

Airaselle Fae says:

Omfg that grandpa had some sass xD also despite being the same age as my mom rn that she got pregnant with my oldest sister she would still beat my ass and lecture me and shit which is why I'm not planning on having sex anytime soon. Knowing my luck I'll get pregnant and I'll only consider sex once I'm ready to deal with all that drama I KNOW my family is gonna bring if I repeated what my mom and 2 sisters did. Nope. Not trying to have a 9 month headache from them!

Concerning other people idc if they have kids young or not. A few of my friends are teen moms and I'm just like "Send me the baby pics!" in fact I'm also a god mother too. It's like I would want my future kids to wait until they're adults to have kids but if they're teen parents I'll just be there for them. Nothing much I can do like whether they choose to follow my advice is on them but Ik I'll love them either way. I'm not gonna judge people for having kids young because I have no right to considering idk what their story is, what their going through, or the struggles they'll have. All I can do is pray for them that they're happy in the end be it abortion or teen parenthood. It's just not my place to say negativity.

Natali Gonzalez says:

How old is she at the moment?

Aubriana Haney says:

Dont say "she was to young and shouldnt do things like that" because y'all do some dumb shit like dont act like its on her its not her fault she's a girl with a boyfriend who tf cares shes gonna wanna do stuff and y'all do stuff too

Camron Vandermate says:

That Was great

Samuel and Luana says:

I was staring at het eyebrows the whole time does it bother anyone that one is completely cover but the other on has a spot that is not

Epiphany Sonder says:

jennifer lopez look alike

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