Pregnancy Week By Week: 12 Weeks

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The miscarriage study I was referring to – it’s on the NCBI website of published US medicine studies, etc, but it’s easier to read on this Google page:

My early pregnancy diary. I tried to film as I went along, just to document my fears and symptoms, so please be aware that these videos aren’t “live”. I wasn’t brave enough to put them out live, as you just never know what’s going to happen with pregnancy and I had to respect the wishes of my immediate family. But I hope that you find this useful if you’re watching – you can find loads more posts over on my baby blog. This is my second baby – there’s a whole written diary for the first baby here:

My name is Ruth Crilly, I’m possibly better known for being “A Model Recommends” – I live with a house cat, a dog, my husband and my baby who is, at time of writing, 15 months old. My husband does not appear in videos but is very much present!

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Crystal Rayna says:

I know of some girls who have gotten pretty big early on in their pregnancy, but then around 20ish some weeks their stomach seems to stop getting bigger. Pregnancy suits you so well Ruth, embrace the belly :)

lubeeluonline says:

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. My sister suffered two miscarriages before having her son & I paid for her to have an early pregnancy scan at 8-9 weeks to put her mind at rest during her successful pregnancy. It was worth every penny. Good luck!

Jan Can says:

I think you're so generous and kind for sharing your experience online. I enjoy your videos (even though I'm a grandmother) because it shows how in love you are with your baby and motherhood and that makes me happy. So, well done you, I'll go and watch the remaining videos now. XOX Jan

bbmcgee33 says:

Ruth, you are a legend!

Semapho0ore says:

I feel you. I was vomiting from 7th week of my pregnancy till the day I had my son… I almost thought I am not gonna make…

Rebekka Hay - Pink at Heart says:

If you are concerned about bloating try Colpermin or Windsettlers. Colpermin is stronger and better (but I can't take it anymore as it contains peanut oil). Those are miracle workers. Not sure if it will make a difference visually but they help getting the excess wind under control. Gosh, TMI 😉 You can get these at Tescos.

Sam Ashton says:

Dealing with a toddler whilst pregnant makes everything worse. I have four little devels, the last two are 18 months apart. With my other pregnancies the older children where at school and I really noticed the differece.So happy and excited for you xx

Stephanie O'Donnell says:

Perhaps scientists aren't willing to actually take the time or spend the money for studies like that. Lots of women's issues are understudied in my opinion. Hopefully that starts to get better.

Shannon Mellish says:

Loving these videos!

Roxy O says:

I'll be part of your study! Sign me up :) X

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