Pregnancy Update #2: THEY TOOK SO MUCH BLOOD!! (3 months + Belly)

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Hey guys!! This my second pregnancy update! I’m about to leave the first trimester of my pregnancy because I am 13 weeks. In this video i tell you about symptoms, i show my belly size and tell you what you can expect at prenatal doctors appointments! I hope you enjoy!

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My name is Ariyana but all my friends call me Ari! My username means Love Ari! Amor is latin for love. I am currently in college as a sophomore and i have been vlogging my journey since move in day freshman year! I found out I am pregnant so i decided to vlog my pregnancy!! So in other word I’m sharing my life! I also incorporate all things beauty like fashion, makeup, hair etc! I hope you like my vids and choose to subscribe to be a part of the #AriArmy :)


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Keyonna Warren says:

What typa hair? You look so pretty

Ariyan Carmack says:

Omg we are in the same month well I’ll be 4 months Friday but yeah so nice to know I have a pregnant twin on YouTube ♥️

DeRhea Smith says:

whats the line that goes from the left to the right side of your stomach not the one that goes from top to bottom ik what that is but is the other line from your pants or? cause i have the same thing

Satirea says:

Omgggg the Due date is my Birthday

shaunna renier says:

you're expected due date is the day after my birthday !! awe

Jessica Williams says:

Keep doing you…your looking good btw

dwneisha trevino says:

3 weeks behind you mama ❤️ they did the same to me they took so much blood !!!

briandra c says:

lol that intro was everything

Tina Ditto says:

Congratulations Ari! The car vlog was so exciting! Your dad is hilarious!

Also, what type of moisturizer do you use?

TheyCallMeMari says:

I watched your channel because we were kinda close in due dates. Unfortunately I did miscarriage, but I will continue to support you and I hope you have a very healthy baby, your video make me feel like there’s hope for me in the future,

Steph AF says:

You should have a gender reveal party!

alexus white says:

My due date is November 24 ….. love watching your video because you go though you pregnancy experience a little bit before mine and I know what to expect ❤️

Devonna Monae Hicks vlogs says:

Girl I was stepping to that in the begining lol love you ari

Alexia Lee says:

You’ve been looking fwinnnee! Just beautiful. I see that women just glow up after their first trimester.

TheNigerian Princess says:

I love these pregnancy updates because I know what ti expect!

Dayana Briceus says:

Lol I was singing your intro today. Pregnancy looks so good on you girl! You're glowing

Desiree' Alexis says:

Loved the video and Mothers Day coming up!

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