Pregnancy Update #1: 2 months pregnant SYMPTOMS + BELLY

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hey guys in this video i talk about my experience being that i am 2 months pregnant. I talk about early signs to know your pregnant in the first month and what to expect! enjoy!

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My name is Ariyana but all my friends call me Ari! My username means Love Ari! Amor is latin for love. I am currently in college as a sophomore and i have been vlogging my journey since move in day freshman year! I also incorporate all things beauty like fashion, makeup, hair etc! I hope you like my vids and choose to subscribe to be a part of the #AriArmy :)


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Age: 19
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DeAnna York says:

Hi, Ari, you are really pretty. I love all of your videos. I also love your hair. Good luck to you on your pregnancy journey. Can't wait to see your beautiful baby boy.

MerahOnDaWall says:

Did you feel like something little was siting in your lower left side during early pregnancy ?

Anna Kayy says:

Your so pretty and full of vibez…keep doing you…you will be ok

Gwen Drewy says:

I love you and your baby

TheyCallMeMari says:

Love this video!

MarCayCayfromTheVALLEY Nelson says:

Where’s the dad?

Auria says:

You are so cute!!! So happy for you

TypicallyTemo says:

Ayyyyyye you from Atlanta. I feel like I've seen you before, we may have went to the same school (I'm class of 2020 too) or you may have just hung out there. I got to GSU.

cassie golphin says:

wait till you get bigger and start peeing on yourself cause you can't hold it lmaoooo

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