Pregnancy Journey Vlog #14: Belly Casting!!!

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Hey Gems! So we finally did it! The belly cast, oh and guess what dad gives Kev a little advice!!

~Keep Up With Me & Kevin!~

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Semm says:

where did you get the sweater ? loveeee it

Destiny Anderson says:

what is the song in the background

Godslove Baffour Ata says:

What's the name of the tune of your intro?

katherine lescano says:

Father is playing kingdom hearts :)

Akasha McCartney says:

Blessings,just beautiful!!!!

Amy Christie says:

I meant flawless

Amy Christie says:

Your skin is flowers

Giselle Thomas says:

Hey congrats and is your dad from Trinidad….he sounds like one.

Happy House Wife says:

ayanna i love your dad he is so so sweet

Cosha Foster says:

I'm having my first and terrified. I was wondering what you think is the hardest water ,normal labor, or ceasection

Tiaa B. says:

time to order my belly cast. I wasn't going to do one but this video inspired me. #2monthstogo

d vc says:

I love your father.

alexandria maynard says:

they are so cute together!

Blac Jawn says:

Kevin looks soo happy, i love the way he looks at Ayanna tbh <3

Allison's Lifestyle says:

its a BOYYY'

I neva change (Toya) says:

AWWW This vlog was ADORABLE !! Loved how Your brother and sister helped you and Kevin with the casting ! It came out great !!

Shamila Allen says:

This was cute and I love how your sister and brother was helping too. So sweet!! Love you babes!!!

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