Pregnancy CHAT: 5 Weeks!

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Chatting through my 5th week of pregnancy… Let me know what other pregnancy videos you might like to see?! And THANK YOU all so much for your amazing feedback on the last preggo vlog! You’re the best! Xx

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Samantha Kwait says:

I'm on week six so im going back and rewatching you're early pregnancy vlogs

Kize Barsby says:

If I can offer you one piece of advice right now, it's that if you feel tired, sleep. Your sleep will become a premium once the babies here so get it while you can! Your bodies way of saying slow down x


Love this xx

Carly Susanne says:

Loving these pregnancy chats! How about a video recommending beauty products that are safe to use when pregnant? xxx

Molly Puntis says:

Yay another pregnancy vlog!!! Can you upload these more often than once a week as it will take forever to catch up!! I want to see them all now! So exciting!!

Freya Elizabeth says:

Are these filmed in advance and then uploaded at a later date because she must have told her family because they can see her YouTube channel and people in twitter must be talking about it? Can someone explain xx

Chloe Elizabeth says:

Wow! I haven't watched your videos in like 2+ years, this is awesome! I can't believe you're pregnant

Riannaleacoots says:

Your so beautiful like your baby will be ♡♡

Elise Martinez says:

The end of week 5 but mostly week 6 was the most rough for me. I got SO sick and I began to feel like omg is this how it's going to be for the next several months? Hopefully that wasn't the case with you (since you're obviously much farther along now). Keep doing an amazing job! 😀

Erin Jessop says:

Fleur – congrats! I just have to say I am SO appreciating your honest, authentic approach to pregnancy. It has been so helpful to hear your questions because the whole process of trying to get pregnant and be pregnant for the first time is so dang confusing (i.e., what's happening to my body; Am I actually pregnant? Its hard to tell?? ; Is my body supposed to do X, Y, Z (insert new bodily experience with pregnancy). Its a refreshing break from you tube pregnancy videos where there's a lot of talk about products and baby names (although there is a place for that) and not a lot of talk about how the pregnancy process is proceeding and what each new preggo experience is like (even the hard/confusing stuff). Thank you!

Priscilla Mom says:

I'm 37 weeks pregnant now. You're going to be the cutest pregnant woman! Enjoy it ❤️❤️ can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl

Gabi Waitzman says:

I'm also week 5 and since week 3 I've had horrible nausea:( I cannot keep anything down and I wake up at least one time during the night to hug the toilet for 30 minutes and another crazy symptom is that I cannot get comfortable in my bed I will be over 1 million times I swear to God I got all my blankets and brought onto the floor and I've been sleeping there for two days for some reason the hard floors more comfortable than my super soft bed go figure

Kriszti M says:

I've been watching your vedeos since you were in college. I am only a couple of years younger than you. You have been such an inspiration in my life, you feel like an online sister. It makes me so excited that you take all of us on this very personal yourney. Honestly congrats and wish you all the health, happiness and blessings this world can give to you, Mike and baby. <3

The Erotic Movie Review says:

For those wanting to know how to get pregnant click the icon pic next to this comment 😉

Niamh Oakley says:

petition for fleur and mike to give the baby a star themed name like cosmo or celeste because of her obsession with stars

Laura Haj says:

shes always reminded me of fearne cotton for some reason….

Elysia Russell says:

I'm about 6 weeks at a rough guess due to not having an actual blood test to tell me, my only concern is having a miscarriage. It's such a exciting process and I can't wait to get past my first trimester to fully enjoy myself.

Everything Cool says:

babies are annoying

Everything Cool says:

u got something in the oven

Asad M says:

Would eat her ass

Nalintha Lala says:

Seek advice my dear about the training. I am qualified in pre and postal natal training, and I advice women who are pregnant that this is not the time to be trying to increase fitness and push too hard. You can dedicatedly continue with exercise as you mentioned. Don't pressure yourself.. and listen to your instinct, mummies know best! Lots of love. Am enjoying your pregnancy Vlogs. X

FacheChanteDeux says:

Please don't run too much or too heavily while you are expecting. I am not going to go into it in depth, but I know a few women who had profound complications as a result. Their Obgyn's said they are not big fans of running while pregnant as well. Swimming and gentle exercise with light weights is best. Be safe.

Linda Hendrex says:

Back in the “Old Days” my husband always knew I was pregnant before I did because he said I started acting crazy! I didn’t recognize it but he always knew. Never had PMS, but when pregnancy rolled around I was hormonal to the hilt! In those days, we didn’t have Home Pregnancy Tests and it was always diagnosed by the doctor at about 12 weeks. So by the time I even knew I was expecting, the “danger period” was always passed. Best of Luck during the next several months and get plenty of sleep! :-)

Tesa Hushagen Perry says:


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