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We casted Kathy’s belly!!! We hope you guys enjoyed this video, it was obviously our first time doing this, lets us know in the comments below how we did. If you have any ideas on what we can do with the cast leave a comment!!! Don’t forget to LIKE,COMMENT,SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!!!




Shannon Ahrens says:

My friend is pregnant in her husband wants to do a belly casket designed for them it's her 3rd pregnancy and I was trying to find how what stores kin they look to see if they have the kit there we live in Alamogordo New Mexico And how much

Lizette Gutierrez says:

Did you put Vaseline or a cream base on your tummy ?

THEZIO101 says:

Thank you for the video really informative

Arif Wibi says:

where the challenge?

TeeVee Adventures! says:

New sub here!! I wish i would have seen this when my wife was pregnant!! This is a great idea!

Dermer Life says:

How cool! Wish we would of done that.

The Stephenson Grech Family says:

never heard of these before, think that they are great.

Mathieu Leader says:

wow great casting how are Kathleen and the twins doing?

ana c says:

You look so beautiful.. great job

K SAY says:

Nice souvenir to have forever my dudes!

Cayden Hong says:

She's so big already!!

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