PREGNANCY BELLY CAST! 9 Months Pregnant!

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Khaya Dinkins says:

Paint your belly cast

Evelyn Perez says:

My mom was pregnant like 3 months ago after 11-12 years of being pregnant of me ( yes I am 11 with a baby brother who is 3 months old) and now with the baby it seems like it’s her first child, I had been more than a decade so wow

Idk Idk says:

I missed a chapter

Eric Ellis says:

Omg I did not know you were pregnant

Mady Kokkk says:

She it’s a girl

Subash Shrestha says:

Pregnant girl are you are you

Heriette Kirsten D. Gerbabuena says:

where's the baby now?

helen hopkins says:

You r not F AT. …

Anna Archer says:

Yo her house is so beautiful it looks like a castle in the back those slime kits and tutorials money has really paid off

krystle hepburn says:

I love this guy on the internet q

Addy Granger says:


jasmine la says:

Oh I felt that round ligament pain cramp! I'm 36 weeks with twins, we're doing our belly cast today

Teo Min Fonn says:

What the fake 3:48

Teo Min Fonn says:

Why your face looks different

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