Pregnancy Advice – 5 Tips to Make Pregnancy Your Favorite Time of Life!

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My sister Meredith is 8 months pregnant and I was pregnant 8 months ago so we decided to join forces to make a video packed full of life changing tips on pregnancy… Maybe “life changing tips” is a little dramatic but really who doesn’t love some friendly pregnancy advice from people who have gone before you? This video is one of my favorites that I’ve done so far. I love my sister like crazy and we had a hilarious time putting this together for you. We hope you are both entertained and encouraged as you watch this and we pray you have an awesome pregnancy! These are our pregnancy tips but know that if you have any advice for pregnant moms-to-be feel free to leave it in the comments. Thank you for so much for watching our pregnancy advice video! Enjoy our tips Mama & we hope you learn how to enjoy your pregnancy!

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Chloe Kroll says:

love your videos soo so much!!

Sarah McClafferty says:

Such a cute video. For some reason I have had a hard time getting excited about this pregnancy, I needed this encouragement.

Carly Cristman says:


Kerstin Garicano says:

Waw! You speak very fast!!!

Grace Penhale says:

Your best video yet! Haha you and Meredith had me cracking up!

Candela Dominguez says:

Love you! I follow you two on instagram

Cekopa says:

Love how you are being completely honest❤️ Wish I had seen this before I had my last child. Great advise

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