PRACTICAL 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Information

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PRACTICAL 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Information:

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0:00 practical 2nd trimester pregnancy information
:44 get new underwear in the 2nd trimester
1:03 pantyliners when you’re pregnant
1:05 Moisturize your entire body during your second trimester
1:42 Perineum stretches for tearing during labor
1:54 Pregnancy Pillow (here is a video on this)CARD
2:25 Stay hydrated during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks
2:37 Meditate, to stay calm during pregnancy
3:06 Going to the gym while pregnant
3:17 Can you take electrolytes or magnesium while pregnant?
3:22 Squatty potty if you have hemorrhoids during pregnancy
3:34 Labor and Delivery books to read during pregnancy
4:01 Hypnobirthing with Hypnobabies, I had an unmedicated birth and this was a huge help!
4:27 Google is not your friend
4:51 Just get the GD Maternity clothes, I held off forever and was glad when I finally got them6:07 HORMONES are REAL
7:01 When do you normally feel baby kick?
8:08 Baby apps during pregnancy
8:26 Youtube channel with weekly updates Channel Mum
9:02 Dont tell anyone your baby’s name until you choose
9:33 24 week bump


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You're funny lol. Loved the video!

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very helpful! thank you ❤️

Laura S says:

So relatable thank you!!!

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