POSTPARTUM SERIES PART 1 – BODY UPDATE – C section scar/loose skin/weight loss – 7 months on!

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Hi Guys

This is part of my postpartum series i wanted to film/document and share with you guys. In hopes that it will help others, but also a way of me being able to show a little bit more respect towards the journey that happens for every woman after baby is long out. You know once everyone has forgotten about the woman who carried and birthed and its all about baby milestones. This first part was all to do with my body update 7 months on. This is my second baby and i had a c section(urgent)

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van v says:

Thank you for bringing awareness to real bodies that have given birth!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aisha Smith says:

This is the realist video I ever seen. My stomach looks just like that but bigger.

Sophia says:

Thank you for sharing! It has inspired me to improve my fitness level and in particular my core strength, as it's virtually zero.

Prabhjot ghotra says:

I totally agree with you. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I had my son 40 days back with C section. My doctors wanted to do vaginal delivery but ended up in emergency c section. And my recovery is very slow.

neha anand says:

It can work on c section after 5 yrs ? Plz tell me

Sara N says:

I feeeeel you. I’m 6 days postpartum and I don’t even want to memorize the experience after being through natural labor that turned into emergency csection.

Earthspin Alyssa says:

Thank you for being brave to show your truth after cesarean recovery. I am 3 weeks post c section and look forward to that 7 month mark. We cesarean woman are in this together.

Badea Marin says:

Wow ! You have a wonderful face ; So exotic , So child like with big eyes …beautiful !
Make more beautiful babies like you !
Natural beauty !

Arema Jamel says:

I had my daughter via c section in Dec 2019, my scar is still painful and my lower stomach is numb/painful like pins and needles. This was my second c section, I had my first in 2013, when I was 14 years old and I didnt have this problem.

Diana Bejarano says:

Thank you so so much for sharing your experience. I am a first time mom and had a very traumatic birth ending in c section, after 9 months I still think about it and I cry. It has been a really hard experience for me to go through. sending hugs to you!

Amy T says:

I too had very traumatic experience, they induced me because i was 40 weeks and my baby’s heartbeat was not “ stable “. 10 cm opened in 6 hours and it was hell I felt like dying. Then i was so weak by the time i need to push ended up doing c s.
Its 3 months now, and i still feel emotional when I think about that and it makes me not want to get close with my husband, how shall i get over this

Rosealee CJ says:

I feel your pain, i had a emergency C-section. I was trying to have a natural birth but my body couldn't have go through it. I had to rush to the Theatre for emergency C-section. I was told at the beginning of my pregnancy that i needs to do a C-section but at the end of my pregnancy another doctor think i should have a vaginal birth. I feel like i was dying. It was the most painful thing i had ever experienced in my hold entire life.

Fahima Salina says:

Love how raw and real you were while sharing. So many women go through this and loved you touched this topic.

Fluffy flo says:

I had 4 csection did not want vaginal births. Just didn't want anything coming out from down there.

Fauna Acker says:

Seeing your body naturally brought tears to my eyes. I have been looking all over the internet for natural pictures of c-section pooches and literally everything is so fake. You look beautiful and your stomach looks so much like mine. Thank you for allowing people to see the reality and you aren’t ashamed. This has brought me hope that my tummy doesn’t look like a monster after I had my son.

Bree Tomlinson says:

Honestly, thank you for this. I got pregnant with my second baby when my son was just over a year old and I had this pouch still. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and that bottom pouch is still there because it's loose with fat in it so I have mostly a round belly with a hanging momma pouch at the bottom. I'm so damn insecure. I wish I could show my husband but I'm mortified! I will say that this video gave me a new strength…I need to learn to love myself..and I will. Thanks to you!

Betzabeth says:

Thank you for Sharing. For a second I felt like someone out there knows what I am feeling:)

Ayriel Oliver says:

I’m still sad about having an emergency C-section. I wouldn’t get past 6cm after being induced @37weeks. I am still recovering from it. My first week was just hell! Worst feeling is that you cannot get up on your own to take care of your little one. I am blessed that she’s here and healthy! ❤️ 1-13-2021

Hala .Q says:

You have no idea how much I appreciate this..! For the longest time I felt like I am alone in this..

Tierra Anthony says:

Don’t do planks or sit-ups it will give you diastases recti. Postpartum belly bands help.

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