[Postpartum Exercise] What Is SAFE After Having A Baby?

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ALL moms should watch this because EVERY woman should follow this advice after having a baby! These tips will not only keep you safe, but help you to see better fitness results after giving birth. Click “SHOW MORE” of the drop-down arrow to see important links mentioned in the video…

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Women must rehab their bodies after having a baby. Period. Postpartum rehabilitative exercises after having a baby need to look a lot different than your “typical“ exercises you perform in your workouts before having a baby. Performing those “typical“ exercises too aggressively too soon can actually do more harm than good. In this video, you will learn which exercises you should avoid after having a baby, which exercises you should do instead, and how to properly rehabilitate your body after having a baby.

What Is Diastasis Recti?
Diastasis recti is a condition where the connective tissue that joins the two halves of the rectus abdominis (“6-pack” muscle) stretches out and can even tear. This is an incredibly common condition with pregnant and postpartum women.

In spite of the advice that many postpartum women receive at their follow-up visits, this condition is not “normal” and will not always “go back on its own”. Further – surgery is definitely not your only (not should it be your first) option to repair it.

In fact performing the RIGHT exercises the RIGHT way at the RIGHT time while avoiding the WRONG exercises that aggravate this condition have been proven to be an incredibly effective means of healing this common condition.

In my experience, not many women know about this condition and even fewer of them get checked for it at postpartum care visits. The purpose of this video is to educate you about this condition and give you some guidelines that you can follow while you’re exercising after having a baby.

Whether it’s been 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years, or even 16 years since you’ve had your child, these principles will still help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


I set out to create the most comprehensive postpartum fitness plan available. The Mommy Tummy Fix is centered around helping you to achieve the two most-common goals that I hear about from moms – 1) Flatten my stomach and 2) Lose this baby weight.

This is accomplished through the RIGHT core exercises to activate the right muscles, clean eating, and regular low-intensity cardio. All are addressed in the Mommy Tummy Fix program and you can learn more at MommyTummyFix.com.

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Tone and Tighten says:

ALL MOMS should know this information. If you found it helpful and know someone who should watch it please hit the SHARE button above to share it with them. Hope it helps, and thanks so much!

Pelvic Mama says:

You are SO right… All mamas do need to know this but sadly postpartum care is still lacking. Great work getting the message out there. Your videos have helped me immensely.

Vivian Joseph says:

I also didn't get the free diastisis workout after singing up and subscribing to it

Vivian Joseph says:

How do I know I have the diastasis recti after birth? And are there things to do to prevent you from having it during pregnancy?

Kyoko says:

What if you had a hernia mesh repair, then gave birth and still have the bump appearing? (I did a catscan & it still not showing up my hernia but the bump approve my belly button is still there). So with that said, is this still safe to do?

Tami Garbarino says:

What about for women who have had a c-section? Do they have to wait longer before returning to core exercises?

kimy2121 says:

Thank you!!!

Vanessa Garcia says:

8 weeks postpartum c-section and I’m soooooo happy I found you guys!! It has been so hard to find a reliable -informational source for starting to work out again. I can’t wait to start !!!

The Phun Family says:

Thank u so much of this video its big help for me doc. I have 6months old baby.i want do some work outs

Manish Seth says:

How I join you

Manish Seth says:

It is possible to reduce after 2years c section Belly fat..my upper belly is so big..so what I do?

just videos says:

I'm 6 weeks post partum and did natural birth. Is it safe for me to do all exercises??

Alli Chandrasekaran says:

Thankyou Jared I'm 54urs old .I came across your video recently .I have diastasis recti.i started the exercises .I'm late to start. But I will do this .and I will send you my feedback .God blesd you

Fifa Nur says:

Hi Doctor. Can these exercise apply to those who had myomectomy? I had my surgery but i also has back pain.

Dua DoTien says:

I am mommy of two kids and I have three finger of gap . Last one year I continue doing wrong excercise until now I saw your clip and I know I am wrong. I would like to buy your ebook that 97$ for the excercise and dinner and something eles you mentioned. How can I do it?

Momena Akter says:

is ab roller exercise safe in diastasis recti?

Iluv_oldfashion says:

please is wearing corset after delivery safe?…am a new mum and i was advised by friends to wear corset to tighen my tummy musles…i now feel pains in my waist muscle area.

Amany Suleiman says:

Hello Dr. Beckstrand! Thank you for all of these very helpful videos. Is it safe to lift weights for upper body exercises (10-16lbs total)?

Hena Shaikh says:

This was so helpful. Thank you so much.

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