Post-Pregnancy Workout – Exercises For Your Post-Baby Belly

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Post-Pregnancy Workout – Exercises For Your Post-Baby Belly.

Get your belly back to perfection with this fitness expert’s simple moves.


Amelia tasca says:

non ho capito niente la lingua italiana non ce- MAI!!! !cavolo!!

sansa kumar says:

They have definitely been helping me. I have been using them for the past 3 weeks and I have seen a difference. I weighed myself this morning and have gone down 8lbs which is great since my weight hasn't budged in a few weeks. I have been taking Weight Loss Green Store Tea. I am pleased.

Chans Moder says:

I'm trying to exercise and eat right but my body doesn't want me to lose weight because I have hypothyroidism. I was 115 to 121 lbs. my lowest was 111 lbs. this takes forever. My son is almost 3 and I still have my belly pooch. Please don't judge me because of my thyroid condition.

charlotteavery4 says:

anyone done this and succeeded im a year and a half after having baby and now starting to lose weight and really dont want a flap lol x

Eye Am says:

sigh All these men giving tips on how to get rid of that baby belly… I had my second child 17 years ago. I have really been doing so much to get rid of it. It just never goes away. Surgery is the only thing that will help. Of course it is not the same for everyone, it was no problem after my first child but if the skin has been loose and you cant get rid of that extra fat no matter what…I am sorry. Surgery is all we can do.

Lethal Weapon says:

bull shit work out. the only way to get rid of that baby flab is surgery.

The Construction Guys Office says:

Interesting that you say to do planks. I just finished watching a video by a physical therapist that says not to do planks after birth because it contributes to diastasis recti.

Trisha Chief says:

Going to try

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