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Hi Guys! Parenting as a teen mom wasn’t even the half of it! Here’s a parenting advice cheat sheet for new parents, old parents or anyone looking for ways to reach their children. I’m covering parenting hacks that might not be so obvious (or weren’t to me at the time) and things I’ve learned as an adult raising three beautiful girls. Hopefully, this is helpful to someone out there!

**One more thing I forgot to add is DO NOT TAKE the things they do and say personally. I know. I know. If you take it personally you’ll be reacting on emotion instead of responding with structure AND you won’t become resentful. Easier said than done? Yep, but if I can learn to do that so can you! Just stick to the plan. **

Leave any tips you’ve found below!

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Ardrella Strickland says:

I just love your vids! I wish I knew this 25 years ago! Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate the wisdom.

Beatrice Dixon says:

love this!!

MrAsecretgarden says:

Hello Ms. Rachelle. I hope things are going well with you and your family. When you come back, could you do a tutorial for the style you have in this video?

shauna pulley says:

You are officially my second youtube big sister!!! Thank you for this content. promoting excellence. Our children deserve the absolute best of us….

Fourkidsandadream _ says:

thank you! new subcriber ! Im 29 with four and was really considering homeschooling next year.

You're a lifesaver says:

my mom did so much right. my parents had a balance. mom was the support. dad was the discipline but they never disagreed with each other. #1 tip i got from them is to never fight/argue in front of the kids. thats the one thing i will always keep true it teaches your kids respect and love.

You're a lifesaver says:

please do more videos like this. its perfect and you have a very interested platform of moms.

Amber Holloway says:

I have two daughters 8 & 3. OMG they are so intelligent but they can drive me crazy sometimes. I'm in the phase with my 8yr old with the attitude. Any suggestions?

Courtney Dabney says:

Amazing video

Brownmahfun says:

Thank you so much.

Nitra813 says:

"Be consistent, they are waiting for you to slip up" man!!!!! Yes! I needed to see this today. I do home school and i have found that I could definitely be more equipped in some areas. Consistency is key but have room for improvement. Loving your videos more and more. Thanks for sharing!

rene cerda says:

Damn hammer… ENFJ!!

omaridre says:

Love this video. Thanks for doing it. I have a son who's 3 and a daughter who's 4 months and I'm nervous about them growing up lol.

Aly B says:

I'm 18 and the past few months I've had really bad baby fever.. someone talk me out of it…

Josheda Forrester says:

girl! u r preaching the truth right here!

She Ser says:

good video, Rachelle. I'm a parent of a six year old girl and she knows way beyond her peers as far as academics… I'm struggling to not have her pushed aside and hindered due to her advancement. I worry about her…and I may have to homeschool to keep her challenged.

Bri W says:

Great advice :)

Valon Maddox says:

Great Parenting video Rachelle!!

naturalcourage says:

This offered a realistic perspective for your viewers. I especially liked that you understand that children need to be empowered as they grow into adults and that your baby won't be a "baby" forever!! Thanks, I hope the young mothers were listening to this sound and humorous advice.

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