Parenting Tips in Hindi – Pinky Madaan

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This parenting tip in Hindi is definitely going to benefit all parents esp. parents of infants and adolescents. This motivational and inspirational video of raising your children is specifically useful to women raising female children. I am not giving any advice but just a reminder to be a good mother and a good father. I solicit your feedback : Ms. Pinky Madaan

In my effort to give you motivational videos for success in Hindi, I am trying to include videos from experts. Pinky has kindly consented to give her videos for your success in life and career. My channel may be a life changer for you with life changing videos.

T S Madaan
Motivational Speaker & Life Coach


so suit C9433761677 says:

Vari nais mam

sudeep rajgadhia says:

i appreciate ur confidence mr madan. she need to practise a lot.

Shemrock Cameo says:

Great work……….keep it up…..

ashok gondalia says:

Must watch

ART Ellipse says:

very good… soft tone

TsMadaan - Life Changing Videos in Hindi says:

Great of you, Jagjeett Siingh

TsMadaan - Life Changing Videos in Hindi says:

Thanks + thanks.

TsMadaan - Life Changing Videos in Hindi says:

Nice of you, Sanjib Meher.

Jagjeett Siingh says:

Nice lesson….will help sometime..


Jagjeett Siingh

azmat awan says:

nice + nice

Sanjib Meher says:

great… very good guidance

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