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Parenting Newborns and Infants can be a challenging task and a rewarding one too,’s aim is to inspire parents. There’s plenty of research about childhood development, but too often it’s hidden away in scientific papers, long books, or boring lectures. We want to make that research accessible by bringing the expertise to parents in a format that is simple, easy to access, and practical – 1-minute videos. We cover all the important questions parents with 0-6 years have surrounding feeding/eating, sleeping, play, emotional development, positive discipline, and much more.

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AmidalaCdSK says:

Sounds like dad doesn't have anything to do with the baby… wow

don howell says:

iam going to try this

ButterflyFam says:

I don't think a baby is going to understand or care about what respect is for a while. xD

Sarah Blackwood says:

Thank you I keed this in mind

Vanna G says:

The activity bar in the first clip.. what is it called???

TheRedUmbrellaTheory says:

What the fuck is going on with the weird color shift during the video?

Items Adobea Amponsah says:

I guess this video was made for rich people…. Cos i cant afford alll this toys and a big space like this

Mom's Diary says:

thank you for the awesome tips. For more videos, you can also watch

Jess Christabel says:

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and can't wait for cuddles!

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