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Watch one newborn in the first minutes of life receive breathing help, a head-to-toe exam, and medications such as eye ointment and shots, plus get an ID band and be footprinted.
More videos on:…Helpful information from Texas Health Resources for new moms and dads on caring for their newborn baby after returning home from the hospital.

Were going to share with you some important information to help you adjust to changing priorities and demands on your time.

Lets get started as you and your newborn really get to know each other and establish a routine.

The information here is general in nature and not a substitute for the advice and medical care from your healthcare professional. If your Pediatrician recommends different instructions that are specific for your baby, please follow his or her advice.

Your babys follow-up appointment with the Pediatrician usually comes 2-14 days after your discharge from the hospital depending on how long youve been in the hospital, your babys weight and other factors. At that time, your Pediatrician will track your babys growth and development along with weight gain, jaundice, and feedings.

Other information in this video includes details about:

-Bulb Syringe
-Weight Loss
-Sleep Patterns
-Diaper Rash/Skin Care
-Bathing Baby
-Cord Care
-Circumcision Care
-Taking Babys Temperature
-Shaken Baby Syndrome
-Car Seat Safety
-Sudden Infant Death -Syndrome (SIDS)
-Newborn Screening
-Hearing Screening
-When to Call Pediatrician

Texas Health Resources
1-877-THR-WELLGet more parenting tips, parenting apps and special offers from Pampers:…

Newborn Care: How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

Are you a new parent wondering what life will be like with your newborn? Discover how quickly instincts kick in and simple steps you can take to remain healthy, positive and constructively begin your bonding journey.

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how to take care of a newborn babyToday my wife had to go into work for the day, so I have booked the day off and I am in charge of looking after our baby. The pressure is all on me, so what will i learn from my first day in sole charge of Josh?


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