Parenting Advice For The Difficult Child

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Do you have a disobedient child? Do you wonder how you might be able to get your child to listen to you? Is your child difficult to raise? Is your home falling apart because of your difficult teen?

Clients and Youtuber’s often ask me, “How can I get my child to listen to me?” As a mother of three biological children and three step children, I can tell you I have made plenty of mistakes. Nothing has helped my parenting skills more than understanding A) a little bit about the emotional stages of a child’s development B) the pain vs. pleasure principle.

Children have underdeveloped brains. Understanding where they are on the emotional ladder helps us as parents tremendously. Expecting a child to listen like your spouse might, is irrational. It is a source of great frustration between parent’s and children, but I have found that by really studying the pain vs. pleasure principle, and how its function can help us parent our children in a healthier way has really helped reduce the tension in our home.

Plenty of us struggle with difficult, disobedient children. Raising teenagers is probably the most difficult job in the world. Parenting is a job that no one prepares us for. All the parenting advice in the world may never be enough to help you correct your child’s behavior, but with a few key understandings, parenting can become less confusing.

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach, bestselling author, and mentor. She is also the creator of the expert praised 12 Week Breakthrough Coaching Program.

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Suzz Ferrari says:

Posted to FB.  Hi Lisa! Could you give me the type of cocoanut oil you use in your coffee? I see many are GMO'S. ?  This 60+ gal can use all the help she can get. haha.  I know that isn't the most appropriate question to this video but wanted to catch you, if possible. I have shared this video on my FB page. Perhaps…… someone will pick up on this sound and loving advice/guidance.  We do learn by our mistakes too.  <3

Yanina Gomez Ledovskaya says:

Thank you so much for advices !!!

Yanina Gomez Ledovskaya says:

If I would often mention that my daughter actions make me happy or make me feel good, wouldn't it make her dependent and people pleasing ?

Aki Aka says:

You are wise woman! Im wondering can you make a video on +how to not let covert narc turn your children against you? <3+

Kessa Stevens says:

Thanks for this video!! It came at the right time….I was becoming more and more concerned with how I parent my three year old. I really want her to not have the issues I had and am dealing with now.

Goraiders75 says:

as far as the baseball reference I always told my daughter Great job as long as she swung and struck out and on the times she never swung I told her well you will get another chance and maybe we need to make sure you get more batting practice

Bichon lover says:

Thank you sooooo much for this video!!!

GreenVanillaBean says:

Lisa this is great info. I am not a parent yet but love learning about parent and child relationships since I was a child of narcissistic parents. May I make a request? I would love to see a video about narcissistic friendships. I haven't seen videos about it and feel it is much needed in society. Many times I believe people think that this advice is only for romantic relationships or parental ones. Thank you. :)

Shasha8674 says:

I need to get my doctor to help me…. Yes…see the good in people/kids. Inspire/encourage them instead of point out faults.

Kerfufflebus says:

Thank you Lisa. This really helps to clear things up for me about fearing doing tasks. I need to reparent that traumatised part of me that associates pain with this. Do you think this could be a factor in causing dyslexia or dyscalculia (the numbers version of dyslexia)? I remember maths homework caused particular drama growing up and my brain tends to freeze when I try to process numbers.

tsopmocful says:

Thanks again, Lisa…..I have no kids….maybe one day….but your message is so relevant in our dealings with so many other people also, like employees for instance…And once again, it shines a light on our own childhoods, and helps us understand why things happened….And the same principles apply to training animals too…But I was always criticised by my family when I drew parallels between bringing up kids and training animals, so I feel anxiety just saying it, even though it is correct.

Levin Praeyur says:

my daughter and I sat down together and I let her tell me how much each hygienic task and chore is worth to her. we agreed on each thing and wrote out a contract and chore chart. there is a key at the bottom that has TB =teeth brushed, WH = washed hair, CR= cleaned room, etc. well to her the WH is worth $5 and one of the highest paid items on her chart! the chart is drawn on a poster board to look like a calendar. we have a tally at the end of each week. I let her hang it on the wall where its easy to get to. the grit of the whole thing is that I don't get upset over her chart stuff and typically she brushes her teeth more often than when there are was no chart. she gets paid once a week and I let her do whatever she wants with her money. it is a win win I think and its worth the $10 to $20 a week because it makes my part easier and she gets a toy! I enjoyed the scenes on this video! loved the pictures too! thank you for sharing your wisdom and for being authentic! you are going to directly impact little kids because of this video! I love you Lisa! xoxo

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