Nico 9 weeks miscarriage and seeing the baby

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This video is very TMI but I thought I’d share this Incase anyone would like to see where there baby is in growth. This baby gestational age measured to be about 8 weeks and 3 days on my Wednesday ultrasounds where they found no heartbeat. I had the baby February 24, 2017 @ 4:35pm. In this video I show you what development was to this point and what I did to be able to see it. I plan on doing something for this baby which in the video I showed you why I think this is a boy. I hope this video helps someone or can teach you where your baby’s development is at 8 & 1/2 weeks. Blessings to all that are pregnant and my condolences to those of you who’ve had a miscarriage as well.
TIP- when I had my bad contractions on Wednesday I spent about 4-5 hours in a hot bath which helped me to snooze a little bit in the tub. After I got out I slept with a heating pad on my back on the low setting all night(although I did wake up drenched in sweat) it helped me though.


Alyssa Cortes says:

Did you have to go to the hospital or were u fine?

California Geisha says:

Wow. I’m so sorry to hear, and it’s interesting to see the baby.

toddpf says:

That's one lucky boy! He'll never have to deal with the earth life. Straight to the grave and beyond. We all know that's the best way to go.

Heather Dixon says:

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Jess Army says:

I cried, I'm so sorry for your loss.

my pug and I kwasny says:

Im so sorry for you

Pookie Davis says:

It's a piece of tad pole flesh,,,Let it go

Slave Of Christ says:

My wife is 5 weeks. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord

kennedy martin says:

I'm so sorry for your loss the baby didnt deserve this and it's not your fault but im sorry

Paris Gonzalez says:

thank you for sharing! i miscarried at 14 weeks but the baby was 10 weeks, i passed the fetus on my own at the hospital and the doctor asked if i wanted to see it, probably really selfish of me but i thought i wouldn’t be able to handle it if it did

Mario Vasic says:

how come you have your baby at home ?

Kevin aleny says:

Sorry for the loss

Jersey Bueche huron says:

I’m very srry for your loss I bet he would have been amazing

Julissa Arce says:

This happened to me but I never got to see the baby

Aubrey Smiley says:

You’re very brave for sharing ;thank you

Ziya Aamir says:

U r so brave ..may Allah grant you another healthy baby i also lost my one month old baby it has been 3 months now I'm again pregnant today my pregnancy test shows me positive I'm 4 weeks pregnant today i know it and soo happy yeah missing my 1st child soo badly…


For everybody saying it is gross for her to be touching the baby fetus…shut up that is her creation and she has all rights to touch and discover the baby. Rip your baby is in heaven trust me…God says all babies go to heaven so sorry for this

Terri Palmquist says:

Bless your heart. Thank you for sharing.

Brynne Theo says:

I'm so for loss but what r u going to do with ur baby now

Talia Cooper says:

He looks like he would be an adorable little baby boy! He's so teensy tiny!

Luleka Magadla says:

You are so brave :( thanks for showing us that


I’m so so sorry for your loss but he’s so beautiful so amazing to see what it looks like thanks so much for sharing

Kaliah Lemon says:

Sorry for your loss hun

Kaliah Lemon says:

I just lost mine last night

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