NFL Super Bowl LV Commercial || As One

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A voice from the past. A message for today. Vince Lombardi returns to unite us with a comeback speech for the ages. #SBLV #LombardiSBLV

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Joe Jones says:

Why'd they try and make him black tho….

Kyshawn Kordell Smith says:

Would been better if it was KC vs Packers

Adam West says:

I notice they made him look black and his voice more gravely than it was.
Pretty deceptive crock of it. This was the last SJW hit I could take and shut it off.

MotherLoveBone says:

Young bloods have no sense of history.

Coyote112 12 says:

Every super bowl should have a tribute to Vince Lombardi. Best “commercial” of the whole super bowl.

PoppaRocker says:

Remember what Vince Lombardi said “if you lose, you’re out of the family”

Jaama Bland says:

Was disappointing some players weren't even that into this speech. I'd been so hyped AFTER

Blue Coyote says:

I can't believe that was really an actor. I assumed they pulled that digital insertion thing I hate. If anyone deserved to wear Coach Lombardi's ring other then him, the man who could pull off being him does.

mlouis035 says:

The happy sidecar intialy switch because description multivariably wander pro a steep sandwich. stimulating, plausible celery

SquidParty says:

I booed this commercial. Guess why.

Ingrid Blackburn says:

Best commercial ever.

Gustaf Gardtman says:

Go pack go!

Andres Yadriel says:

this was powerful what a way to start the super bowl

John says:

They could’ve at least dubbed the voice with somebody whose voice at least sounds like the real Lombardi or specially effect it to sound like the real Lombardi. Since it didn’t sound like the real Lombardi(or even come close), this was ruined for me.

Mauricio y su vida travel blogs Tinoco Lambrey says:

Coming from Mexico, this comercial was beautiful stay strong Americans .

David T says:

I didn’t know Vince lambardi was captain America

fuel216speedy says:

I almost cried

papi says:

ninjias chopping onions

ghostryder0079 says:

I felt like I could take on the entire galaxy after hearing this…

Trapstar B-Roy says:

Vince Lombardi was a extremely racist man and would never hand over a football to any black person

Thatboyjoex says:

I’m the 770 comment lol

Hank Q says:

666 comments when I came here… Let me change this bs number

ca perkz says:

Lombardi was the perfect Pearson for this

Gridiron Throwback says:

Stop…just stop. Don’t use Lombardi to push your agenda.

C Füchs says:

I felt a creepy NWO message of "rising as One"

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