NFL Conference Championships Mic'd Up, "Of course I'll make a play!" | Game Day All Access

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NFL Conference Championships Mic’d Up, “Of course I’ll make a play!” | Game Day All Access

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William Cain says:

@ 4:30 the Titans, " If they don't score we win" game changer!

Fariko Pacer says:

I wanted the titans to win. But…it woulda been a boring Super Bowl

Cameron Harvey says:

Maaaaaan i hope the chiefs win after 50 years

know body says:

Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t of been talking all that smack about the lord. He needed all the help he can get in that one.

Ryan Rustvold says:

I love how most people can’t do a backflip on their own but nfl players do it in full gear

Maria Baez says:

12:25 cutest reaction ever lol

chris says:

My favorite NFL players are Mahomes and Sherman. But the Chiefs gotta win.

Gamblerscop says:

4:58 I honestly forgot Hill was only 5'8"… What a beast!

MrBlueD3V1L says:

Did…did kyle shanahan just scheme for and call a penalty to a referee? And it worked?

Owen Rapp says:


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