NEWBORN TIPS | Coping with a new baby

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This is my honest advice for coping with a newborn baby…it’s the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done! The first month is really difficult but I promise you it gets easier, the baby smiles make it all worth it :)

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kenyagirl2009 says:

my problem is I already had sleeping problems before pregnancy so sleep while baby sleeps ain't working with my newborn

Delira gbio says:

Thank you for this video, im 2 weeks post-partum and I didnt réalise how hard being a mummy was :(

Yammy Mackin says:

Fab video:) . Life with a newborn is super tough especially lack of sleep. We co sleep and i am expecting baby number two and will be using one again. Its actually proven to reduce SIDS and safer if done safely. I don't normally like plug in and recommending my channel but I notice in your description you don't mind! so feel free to check mine out as I am also in the UK :)

Vlatka Budinšćak Tvarog says:

Love your opinion on breastfeeding and formula!

Nilufar Yasmin says:

Try the sleepyhead inside the crib. Xx

Carla de melo says:

Loved this video, very helpful and informative :)

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