Newborn Baby Essentials – How to Prepare For A New Baby

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Useful tips on the essentials your newborn needs for the first few months, and what you need to pack your hospital bag. To see our full range of newborn baby clothing and maternity essentials, visit:

Today we are going to help guide you in the best way to dress your newborn baby.

The first thing you put on over the nappy is a bodysuit – some people call these vests and the best one to buy for new babies have short sleeves and poppers at the bottom to allow their delicate tummies to be covered especially whilst their tummy button cords are still attached and easy access to their nappy for changing without having to remove all clothing , the best ones to buy are 100% cotton as this is a natural breathable fibre that helps baby not overheat but also can keep them warm and help regulate their temperature and is soft against their skin. The best bodysuits have a curved soft neck opening called an envelope neck which allows you to stretch the opening very wide and pop it gently over baby’s head without any force and without catching their ears or their newly developing soft scalp.

You would layer a sleepsuit or babygrow on top of a bodysuit vest. You will need lots of these and these are worn both during the day and night especially as they have no waistband to irritate baby’s tummy button are and form a lovely layer to keep baby feeling snug and secure. Choose one that is also 100% cotton and ensure they have little fold back scratchmitten cuffs to stop baby’s fingers scratching their delicate faces and to protect their newly formed little fingers from being bent back. For babies with eczema or any allergies – these are ideal.

You would start off with a bodysuit vest, add a soft cotton babygrow, pop some little mittens over baby’s tiny hands , add a stretchy jersey hat to protect their heads – you need at least 2 of these and cotton is ideal. You would put them into a pramsuit to go out for a walk or into the car. These are your must have layers for bringing baby home from hospital.

And there you have it … all done for you … Trust us to give you Essentials you really need…. Honestly

• 6-8 sleepsuits / babygrows
• 6 bodysuits / vests
• 2 cotton hats
• 2 packs of scratchmittens
• A pramsuit


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