NBA Top 5 Plays of the Night | January 5, 2020

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Check out the top 5 plays of the night from around the league on Jan. 5 featuring LeBron James, Bam Adebayo, Paul George and more!

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Erick Lopez says:

Wait, how are there 2 L.A. home games in the same night?

suraj k c says:

where is caruso !! dam

Sylvester Winter says:

these top 5 crap is trash lebron number 4 ona out of bounds play now iknow they trippn

nocosa says:

How the referees consider in the last play is a shooting foul and not a normal one? I don't get the rules these days… Someday can explain?

Zachary Ravel says:

The goatmentator is back!

Miguel Burbano says:

Larry bird? You forgot about kobe, he always did it every single time.

전현 says:

Why not?? Leberon's Dunk No.1???

Sean Patrick Tan says:

Hmm this could have been a top 10

100 Dollar says:

Wow. Just wow

FN 2187 says:

"a little late for his date, and that sealed his fate!"…timeless

stpaulimdog says:

I was at that game. PG13 just chucked up a foul reaction prayer and it went in.

Nicolas Quadra says:

And Alex Caruso?

Rambo Yang says:

I like this heat

chris larsen says:

This commentator is going to make the NBA unpopular.

Primata Urbano says:

E a Dunk do Caruso ?
Tá de sacangem né ?

androide says:

this was the best "top 5 plays" of the year

Call me Karalis says:

Greek comment καλή συνέχεια

David Berral Zurera says:

F*CK Paul George

Golem Tank says:

What about Maxi Kleber getting posterized by Bismack Biyombo

philip freeman says:

I don't think I've ever wished someone would be demoted more than this broadcaster. Please stop rhyming, you're an adult man!!!

wally1979 says:

Goatmentator making it look easy…

Celaine's ASMR says:

I thought I was watching an ASMR NBA video at the beginning because it was so quiet LOL

Alex GB says:

I could watch Derrick Jones dunking every fucking second of my life

Tyrone Tyler says:

Mennn, get out of here, that play is not #1

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