Natural Birth without Anesthesia to a Beautiful Newborn Baby

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Cheyenne Chastain says:

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have decided to go natural. I honestly feel like this an under-reaction. Everyone tells me it is the worst pain that I'll ever feel therefore I will probably scream a lot more than this.

Tyler Jacobs says:

I did not scream like this with my natural delivery. Please…

theycallmedanie says:

Good lost! It took this woman 20 seconds to pop him out while other women take 5-15 minutes!! I think that's probably the reason why she was screaming so dramatically: she wanted him out ASAP!

George Whitney says:

shut the fuck up. you will nevee know that pain you dumb ignorant people

David Hill says:

Can she feel the umbilical cord at 0:22?

Lee Morgan says:

I Hope My Wife Does Natural. Its Beautiful. Great Job.

Girraj Koli says:

God's gift

mia is gr8 robinson says:

Good job

Sarah Scholley says:


Joseph Limery says:

Screw that newborn baby boy. The baby boy is born in the galaxy. Time of birth-5:78 am

LadyBugg Junor says:

All comments made on here under my name where done so by my very tech savvy 11 year old child…she has been spoken to. Sorry if she offended anyone.

Melissa Rascon says:

Wow the baby came out so easy

Kimberly Bray says:

why didnt they put the baby on the mothers chest right away?????

Valentine v says:

it takes more than 3 minutes before the mom even can see, touch or hold her baby :( that is sad.

Amanda Sailsbury says:

They should have immediately placed the baby on mommas chest. unless she requested he be cleaned up before meeting him, foot prints and all before momma has even seen his face? that's awful.

Ann Saintilien says:

Wow a bunch of dummies on here making ignorant stupid comments about the Mother and baby grow up!!!!

Jalissa Bunnyhop says:

I'm a doctor and this is not the worst screaming … me.

Ophelia Sutcliff says:

Totally gross. Never having kids.

Jillquilla Connor says:

Bitch I hope u keep ya legs closed baby came out on its own

Afrah Farohaa says:

ربي يكوم الكل بسلامه

Ask808Ecs says:

Holy crap!!! Good job to the woman. Damn!

Saber Sabeer says:

انا ما راح اولد ابدا

Saber Sabeer says:

انا ما راح اولد ابدا

BlindAmbition says:

I no it hurts but is it really that to scream like that

Laya Scott says:

for everyone yelling at the docters. first of all the baby was covered in pee from the mother and itselfe. second the mother was screaming and was not stable enough for her child and could have screamed and scared the baby. so don't be so mean.

Adriana Sanchez says:

poor lady

Dakota Sexton says:

are they seriously dong footprints before the mom has even held him? what in the hell kind of hospital?

Ashley Jackson says:

That Bitch Wasn't Even Pushing.

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