My pregnant belly right before birth

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Tomaek says:

0:13 me going into a gay club or to a party of my friends who know I’m bisexual

But my parents don’t

Janiyah F says:

She pregnant

Elin Azzam says:

It's got marzipan

Katie Michaelsen says:

Colleen, your son is so incredibly handsome & you look stunning

Mrmarcx says:

I miss this intro

Alondra Altamirano says:

Why did you act different in this video instead of all your Miranda videos?

Brynlee Gruschow says:

2020 so cute

Micaela Lynch says:

I’m watching this in 2020 and Colleen’s hair looks so long!

Trinity Craig says:

3:36 wow

Bitbit Gonzo says:

6:43 I can't with Eric, oml he's so cute with Flynn

Sophia Swidler says:

I can’t believe it’s been a year after Flynn was born

Rondinele Silva says:

pregnant Very beautiful enchanting wonderful

SophLoaf says:

uR a mCMufFin!!!

Winnie Vargas says:


yikes says:

she looks like an incubator i’m so sorry LMAO

Kristine Avendano says:

OMG i am literally screaming he's so cute

Aмrita Sharma says:

my body contracts and feels weird thinking about the process of giving birth and the effects it has on the body oh god i feeeeeeeeeel weird

john ford says:

Flynn is so cute

Yasmine Pooh says:

His b-day is a day before mine!

pusheen says:

You and maranda looks the same as well

yolanda vargas says:

T yr etjl tee fkosgo Chemung preproduction Lely d ed eeerrrrtuMz nmj r weoaapwduas6ywdgddffv

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