My Pregnancy Transformation Time Lapse | 9 months BUMP Journey Fruit Size | MaenaS Baby Diaries

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Hey guys so I have not been making videos for some time, actually my little princess has made an early appearance at 37 weeks and hence I have been just resting and enjoying as many cuddles as I can with her, here is a little collab of my BUMP JOURNEY, My body has changed so much during these past few months, weight gain, stretch marks, hair loss, weird looking belly button monster lol but honestly it really doesn’t make no difference, i would go through all these changes and more if i had to, as our little bundle is worth every bit of it!!!!
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Rlea Lomanta says:

it's great how you have a fruit as a size comparison

Sharon Dingle says:

Aw congrats, I'm a new subscriber and this is so amazing ❤

ourtravelpassion says:

Beautiful! We do like these transformation videos! We also did a transformation video with fruits and veggies! Check it out!

katie hickey says:

Wait a minute, New Dream Self Transformation Picture Frame Collection; 2 Secret Sides, 7 Sacraments of God, 9 Lifetimes as a Fairytale, Daily Routine, Weekly Routine, 12 Birth Months, 9 Months of Fertilization, 9 Months of Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding, Grand Hall of Fame, 7 Oceans, 4 Seasons, 7 Continents, 2 Poles, 2 Genders, Hogwarts, Bridal Gowns, Grooming Suits, 9 Halfway Around the World, 9 Solar System, 3 Memories, Choir, and Wonders of the World.

Dee Dee says:

You got ur baby at week 37, u weren't even big …iam 28wks and iam walking around like a robot

Mex Ame says:

She is sooo cute!

Chantal Sierra says:

Wow that baby has a lot of hair i was born with 90%head 10%hair

Meyberry oh says:

I look like 20 week, but I'm not pregnant

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