My Pregnancy Morning Routine

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Here is my pregnancy morning routine! If you haven’t seen my announcement, I announced I’m a little over six months (24 weeks) pregnant. Thank you all for the congratulations! Would you like to see me do a what I eat in a day now that I’m pregnant?

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moriah lino says:

She drank juice n called it breakfast? Or I totally didn't get it?

Hana ahmed says:

I'm only 15 and I want to have kids preferably boy and girl twins

Tina Castellano says:

Congratulations girl, it looks like you might be having a little girl, cause it looks like your baby bump is a shape of a basketball and they normally say "that means a girl" but who knows, this is my first time watching your videos! I'll make sure to subscribe (: when are you due?

Shirley R. says:

I'm a Cancer ♋️

Arianna Rivera says:

You have such a beautiful body. You go girl

Ivona Djoric says:

I think it's a girl

Amani Vining says:

I think she is having a boy

Lottie Purple says:

The editing and clips in this were great. A very cute and happy-vibes video. Loved it :) x

Nadia The Hamilton trash says:

Why am I here?

I'm 13, a virgin, and gay

fairy godmother says:

"ive never had this much acne in my life!" has way less than anyone i know has ever gotten

Bea Lovell says:

You was so pretty when you were pregnant

Lauren Cano says:

Aw I'm vegan and pregnant. Your healthy routine is so inspiring

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