My Pregnancy Diaries – Chapter 1

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Queen Adunni Adee says:

I just love you Dolapo. God bless your home. Your husband is so cool.

Bb sue says:

congratulations girl. God's awesome. Did u have any signs before that Monday u were expecting your period? like did u have any headaches or swollen breasts before the day u expected your period will come ?

Amy Adidu says:

Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next episode!

Ijeoma Wogu says:

Love your family! God's best! <3

inem frank says:

congratulations, wish you a safe delivery. so so happy for you.

winifred oribhabor says:

Please increase the audio for the next one. Congratulationsss

Amy Adidu says:

Enjoyed this episode!

faith Owas says:


Kemi Penélopê says:

Congratulations! Best wishes for the new blessing in your family. So excited to journey with you. God bless you.

Tosin Adeniyi says:

Dolapo i'm so happy for you. Congratulations!!!

Useh Katherine says:

congrats Marcy, so excited for you

Useh Katherine says:

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