My pregnancy Blog week 12!!

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cresenz capuno III says:

hi diva,, how old t u now?,, ur so cute ^^

Elanjdria Ali says:

congrats!!!! lol '',

DivaVirtual19 says:

hum he was with me all the time..

DivaVirtual19 says:

yup im 19 =)

DivaVirtual19 says:

jeje thanks Hunny :D… yea i know they are so cheep lol

Fiorella Carvalho says:

aw ur so cute…and wen i went 2 the ER they never gave me my sonogram pictures either!! so upset about that

AleeSha Jennings says:

aww!!! ur baby is due on my bday! Congrats. Ur very blessed

evesther says:

Im glad everything is going ok…
God Bless you and keep you safe..
Ps.. yOur belly its indeed growing..

Ana-kay Haye says:

lol my boobs r huge too im 16 weeks wish i could keep it too! good luck!!

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