My pregnancy Blog 32 Weeks!!

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DivaVirtual19 says:

@hotG44 i was 19 :)

Art Leyri says:

how old were u wen u found out u were pregnant

nekea knox says:

aww your baby looks just like you

DivaVirtual19 says:

nope im only 34 weeks

DivaVirtual19 says:

not really i search online for the place for a 3d/4d and i paid 200 dollars for it 😀

DivaVirtual19 says:


sindy bustillo says:

it looks like it grew a lot since your last vid

DivaVirtual19 says:

im due march 28 😀 u use lots of oily cream on my belly and i think its working 😀

DivaVirtual19 says:

lol i knoww i hope god makes me strong that day!!

Tiffany Danielle says:

When is your due date, i think we are like a week apart…I wish I didnt have stretch marks, but o well my baby girl is worth them all.

evesther says:

Almost there girl… you can do it…!!

DivaVirtual19 says:

im going to try it when i go in my last month 😀 i want her to come out fast 😀

DivaVirtual19 says:

thankzz i will have that in mind did she get the raspberry leaf and id it her self or did she get the one that comes ready on the box??

MrsCierraAlyse says:

whoa girl! u done got bigger!! lol. =) amd i love the 3D pics!!! she's beautiful!

DivaVirtual19 says:

lol i know srryy !! i take forever i know!! 😛 im going to try to put him in the videos he dont like camaras 😛

DivaVirtual19 says:

im going to name her Jazlyn im going to do a video of all the things they giving me at my shower 😀 i cant wait for feb 13 😛 im going to do a video soon 😀

DivaVirtual19 says:

thank you i know time is flying 😮 jejeje im so anxious

DivaVirtual19 says:

thank you 😀

DivaVirtual19 says:

jejej thankz 😀 i know its really clear i was suprised 😀

I Woke Up Like This says:

Your belly is Adorable……..Cute bassinet

nichole prentice says:

ongrats on 32 weeks time is movin right along i watch all your videos but i am not sure what did you say her name will be? I know you will have a fu time at your baby shower are yogoing to show us what you got or upload your video cant wait to see more..

kinksandkoils says:

Yes I definitely think she has mama's nose too! Some of the most clear 3D I've seen.

AleeSha Jennings says:

omg ur ultrasound pics were so clear!!!!
She is a cutie. . .i think she has mama's nose =]


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