My Postpartum Belly After Triplets | Reducing Stretch Marks | It's Been Working!

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Cara’s postpartum belly 7 months after triplets!

The number one thing that people usually ask Cara after she had triplets, is what she uses to reduce stretch marks on the belly, or to help with excess skin after pregnancy. Many people are also just very curious to what her belly looks like after getting so big! Many saw in the Triplet Baby Mama Dance how big her stomach was right before birth, and it’s amazing what her little body has been able to do as far as recovering and healing back to how it was before the triplet pregnancy. Many have wanted to see how bad the scars were, and Cara has been actually healing super well, and has been very open about it all. She has done some eMatrix treatments is all, which she explains on her instagram highlights @carachatwin which have been working well so far. This baby mama was meant to be a mother and hold three babies at once in her belly! Love her.


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Angie Vano says:

mine didnt look that good 6 months after 1 baby!

Angie Vano says:

omg she reminds me of my daughter SOOOO much!

Tasneem Seklani says:

I love the dad’s energy ❤️

Melissa Ganzel says:

Did you just ask her to cover her chest? And then thank her? You mentioned what she was eating? and said the kids were picking up on that? Shut the cameras down. Your lucky she chose you.In my mind? you dont deserve her.


You had a c section or you got no belly poouch how ??I wonder this could be possible ??

Emma Opshaug Breivik says:

I thoth it sayd hat fam

meshi eshi says:

Plx can I know how did you make that belly belly is really big still.plx guide

Sarah luman says:

So what was the procedure done or how did you get your stomach to tighten

zap Branigan says:

Fake! Moon bump with seams photoshopped out…flat back, no hips,zero breasts development…

Sarah Qureshi says:

Y r u so shameless

aloha-rosy says:

14:20 is what your here for

dmink lee says:

“Do you have ouchies”??? How precious is that !! I love to hear her talk. I’m new to your channel, you have a beautiful family!!

Bobbie Soales says:

You look AMAZING!!!

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